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I have heard Dondes referred to as both a Jewish surname that was never changed and may have meant justice. Also, there is another legend that it was a Russian name given to my family in the mid-1800s when Russians were persecuting the Jewish inhabitants and trying to forcefully acculturate them. I am not sure which story is true, or if either one is true. In any case, very few people in the United States have this name, and the Holocaust killed almost all of the family members remaining in Europe, though I have been overjoyed to learn of at least three survivors who have come to this country. I have found others in the United States with this name also of Jewish background from Lithuania and Baltic Russian areas, but so far the connection is unclear because we know so little about the European connections of my grandfather's father and other descendents who may have been related. I am grateful to those who are writing to me. My cousin, Michael, has found someone named Dondes, from the Civil War Era.

I am grateful to the pictures that my cousin, Michael Dondes, in Burlington, Vermont, shared with me from the early life of my family. I am looking in my own collection for those of Morton and Roslind Dondes, to be added. I am currently waiting for reproductions of other pictures from my mother's photos that my brother, David Dondes, in Macon, Georgia is reproducing for me. This page is dedicated to pictures from before the marriage of my parents and also includes other members of the Dondes family up to the present. The families represented are those related to Israel Lipp Dondes, my grandfather, (born c. 1895 in Vilna, Lithuania, and died Jan., 1952 in Tampa, Florida), and Sadie Glass Dondes, my Grandmother (born September 1, 1902, died June 24, 1975, in Hartford, Conn); parents of my father, Aaron Dondes (born August 18, 1924, in Burlington, Vermont-died October 24, 1952, in Atlanta, Georgia, of Leukemia acquired from exposure to excessive radiation). Some pictures of the family of Sally Epstein Dondes are also included because they are so significant to the history of our families. Information that I came across from notes that I acquired from my mother, Gladys' of her conversations with Sadie Dondes, are that the parents of Israel Dondes were Pertz and possibly Rosalind Dondes (unclear handwriting and would like verification).

 There will also be material on the families of the wives of Paul and Morton Dondes as they become available as well. Keep watching this page, as it is especially alive with pictures and even more to add. Also, I am contacting and searching for members of this family. New material that I have taken from notes that I acquired from my mother, Gladys Lynch Dondes Armstrong is that Sadie and Israel were married on Feb. 6, 1921 (my mother tried very hard to write things down the last times Grandma visited us and to pull the dates, places, and names out of her--I copied my mother's notes in a Bible).

His flight records indicate that he was a TSgt gunner in the 15th Air Force, 304th Wing, 454th group, 739th Squadron, in Europe, with much of his time spent in Italy. He was considered missing in action for 10 days. What happened was the plane that he was on had engine trouble coming back from a mission and landed in Russian-occupied Hungary in Jan., 1945. They got back to their base10 days later after repairs to the plane were made. Paul Dondes trained with the 1st Air Force, 1Bc command, 112th wing AAf BU (H) group at Westover Air Field, Mass, before he was sent oversea on Nov. 24, 1944. He met Sally Epstein at a USO dance, and they married. She was from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Richard Dondes of New Jersey supplied further information on Paul Dondes' squadron (shares a name and heritage), but we have not yet established a relationship. Paul Dondes would have been stationed at San Giovanni, Italy where the 739th Bombardment Squadron (H) was stationed from Jan. 21, 1944,until July, 1945. This unit flew only Consolidated (and later Convair) B-24 Liberators. Their operations involved combat in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO) and European Theater of Operations (ETO). Campaigns of this group included Air Offensive Europe; Naples-Foggia; Rome-Arno; Normandy, Northern France; Southern France, North Apennines, Rhineland, Central Europe, Po Valley. United Decorations included Distinguished Unit Citations (DUC): (1) Bad Voslau; (2) Linz Austria 25 July 1944.

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