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DOLL Shop Home and Contents Page

Sell Collectible Dolls, Clothing, Accessories, Figurines, Ornaments, Collectibles Books and Publications, Plush, Music-Related, Movies
mailing address below
Donna D. Krug, Owner
2689 N. Galley St.
Orange, CA 92865 - USA
714-974-3779 - (Phone)
email: dkkdolls@aol.com

Donna's Korner, Kollectibles, has moved to the following secure location with photos and shopping cart. As of 08/26/2012 it has almost 1,450 items and is growing, with most dolls and doll-related accessories listed along with newer inventory that is not included on the former lists.  Click here to go to the index and home page; site is open for business and offers secure payment through PayPal, Google Checkout, credit cards, checks, and money orders:> http://www.dkkdolls.com/store.

Donna's Korner Kollectibles Shop of Doll is a ShopWiki Approved Store

 You can also search for what you want at our main dkkdolls.com site here:>

Search: The Web    www.dkkdolls.com

NOTICE: Most of our inventory, almost 1,450 items, with photos is available at our secure site within the Collectoronline/Tias.com mall and can be found by entering the inventory number or name of item into Search box there and filling out the order form via the shopping cart; this way it will be put on hold; payments through the Collectoronline/Tias system are secure through PayPal, credit cards, checks, or money orders, but there's no way to process layaway through this site:> http://www.donnaskorner.com

Note: All credit card orders eventually end up going through this site; however, it cannot process layaway at this time.
Our most recent listings here include the following:

If you live in near Orange, California, you can visit my mall space, which is Space No. 92, downstairs, inside Orange Circle Antique Mall (O.C.A.M.), 118 South Glassell St., Orange, CA 92866 (1/2 block south of the town circle).  
A large sample of our items are located there but space is limited, and much more is at the website. This location is approximately 1/2 block South of the town circle and Chapman Avenue in Old Town. Our space is near the drink and snack machines, but you will know it by all of the dolls. At that location, only my items on display are for sale through the employees there. Please treat them politely and understand that they are not familiar with my merchandise and only sell what is there.  Direct phone calls to me at 714-974-3779. Sorry, but I am no longer able to purchase dolls and collectibles. If you have a special request from my website please contact me through the contact links and pages at this site to arrange an appointment. Allow  2-3 days in good weather to allow me time to go through my packed storage facility.  Internet access to my website is 24 hours a day.
O.C.A.M.'s hours are Sun: 11:00 am-6 pm
Mon: 10:00 am-5 pm
Tues-Sat: 10:00 am-6 pm

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Thank you for visiting my web site. I wear many hats. I am a doll lady, a historian, a Trekker, a desktop publisher, flute and recorder player, mandolin playing learner, and a Mac addict--all combined. I sell new and old collectible dolls and related accessories and collectibles. My sales are mostly mail order, but I sell at a small shop and occasionally at doll shows. I have been in business since 1984. My dolls and other merchandise are constantly changing.

Among the items that I sell are Vogue Ginnys (new and old), Madame Alexander dolls, older Robins Woods dolls, Chris Miller (Pittsburgh Originals), Effanbee (new and some older dolls) Gotz or Goetz (Sylvia Natterer, Sasha, Susan Eismer, Sissel Skille among other artists), Hildegarde Gunzel, Heidi Ott, Susan Wakeen, Helen Kish and Kids at Heart, Knickerbocker Terri Lee, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Charisma, Heidi Pluszok, Annette Himstedt, Zwergnase, Pauline, Precious Moments dolls (Applause, Precious Moments Co., Enesco, and a few other items), Robert Tonner including Betsy McCall, Anne Estelle, 10" Tiny Kitty, various movie character figures, and others, Betty Boop, Magic Attic Club, Dawn, a few Barbies, paper dolls, doll books, some figurines and ornaments, and some older dolls. Among some of the older items currently available are a 1940s and 1950s Nancy Ann Storybook dolls and various other older dolls. I offer various collecting supplies. I also have some music instruments including a,  tambourines, and a  guitar gig bag for sale.  I have added some original VHS and DVD movies. Some are used, and others are new.

Sorry, at the current time, I do not have the resources to buy dolls from customers or to do trades.

Donna's Korner Kollectibles Shop of Dolls is upfront



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  • Request more information, to order connected to ordering only, contact: dkkdolls@aol.com.
  • Click the following Links to Go to These Web Pages (there are many more at the store site):
  • index.html To Return to our entry page.
  • For catalog and to place orders, please go here: http://www.dkkdolls.com/store
  • http://www.dkkdolls.com/store/ - To Donna's Korner Kollectibles Store Secure Ecommerce Site which is open for business and has totally replaced the old lists, which are obsolete.  Site features shopping cart, secure ordering. This is the easiest and most flexible site to navigate. Some of the largest categories are listed here, but many others are available at the store link.
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/alldollsforsalepage.html - Browse all dolls at new secure store site; listed by inventory numbers.
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/dollclothes.html - Browse all doll clothes at new secure store site, listed by inventory numbers.
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/paperdolls.html Browse all paper dolls at new secure store site, listed by inventory numbers.
  •  http://dkkdolls.com/store/bookspublications.html - Books and publications page to replace page above, though it new, and items are in the process of being added.
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/m.alexander.html - To go to Madame Alexander Dolls, Accessories, Paper Dolls. This page is now complete and the old list page is no longer updated. 
  • http://www.dkkdolls.com/store/artistdolls.html
  • - To go to all artist dolls including Helen Kish, Himstedt, Zwergnase, Heidi Ott, Heidi Plusczok, Gotz artist and play dolls, Jerri McCloud, Susan Wakeen, Good-Kruger, Pauline, Susan Gibson, Robin Woods, Chris Miller of Pittsburg Originals and others. Kids-at-Heart dolls will also be moved here.

  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/raggedy.html - To go to Raggedy Ann dolls, figurines, toys, books and other collectibles
  •  http://dkkdolls.com/store/terrilee.html - To go to Terri Lee Dolls and Accessories - Knickerbocker 2000-2004 and vintage dolls when available, or any others
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/magicattic.html
  • To go to Magic Attic Club dolls, accessories, and books. We have items from 1998-2004. These have all been discontinued. They were designed by Robert Tonner and marketed by Knickerbocker, Marie Osmond, Marian, and Charisma Brands.
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/betsymccall.html - To go to all Tonner, Effanbee, and earlier Betsy McCall dolls, friends, and accessories. All Tonner and Effanbee Betsy items are available, plus all earlier items will also be listed as available.
  • http://www.dkkdolls.com/store/tonner.html To go to Robert Tonner Dolls and Accessories including Betsy McCall, Mary Engelbreit Collection, Tiny Kitty Collier, Marley Wenthworth, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Kripplebush, Annie, Earlier Model and Art Dolls, and others; and others.
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/effanbee.html - To go to ecommerce listing of all Effanbee Dolls and Accessories, which is gradually replacing list below. All early Effanbee dolls before Tonner are here, and a growing number of Tonner Effanbee dolls are available. 
  • .http://dkkdolls.com/store/voguedollpage.html - Ginny, Just Me, and Other Vogue Dolls and Accessories. This page is now complete and the old list pages are no longer updated.
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/kish.html - Helen Kish Dolls and Accessories; this page is complete.
  •  http://www.dkkdolls.com/store/barbiemattel.html To view Barbie, Kelly and Friends, and Other Mattel dolls and dolls are interest.
  • http://dkkdolls.com/store/vintagedolls.html - List of Vintage Dolls Prior to 1980; is gradually replacing list below and near completion..

  • Links.html To view Links to other related websites.

  • http://www.donnaskorner.com - To go to my site at Collectors Online / TIAS.com Showcase or return there. I am adding as much as I can to my collectibles mall site there because of its superior picture display ability and easy navigation and easy shopping cart purchasing. Purchases of items listed through Collector Online / TIAS.com are secure. All credit card purchases eventually go through this site.
  • http://stores.ebay.com/Donnas-Korner-Kollectibles To go to Ebay offerings by Donna's Korner Kollectibles feedback and link to Donna's Korner Store; also provides links to auctions. Use back key to return here; though link to this page is under Favorite links. Items on Ebay include dolls, sometimes beanies, plush, figurines, other. My Ebay ID is dkkdolls..
  • The offerings at Donna's Korner Kollectbles Store at Ebay which are ending soonest are shown here, but there are many more, click to go to either site or one of auctions and use back arrow to return:>
    • Click here to go to pictures of dolls from my collections to share; not for sale:>pictures.html - To go to pictures and photographs of dolls from my collections and shared photographs
    •  http://www.dkkdolls.com/family/home.html - Click here to visit section for family history and photos. Visit family history section that is under construction for Lynch, Bowden, Bowdoin, Faulkner, Thompson, Dondes, Glass, Krug, Thomsen, Sayles--under construction to list family photos and history. This page is now functioning
  • http://www.worldcollectorsnet.com/ To visit online boards for dolls, beanies, and many other kinds of collectibles.
  • 101x43 Size: 5K World Collectors Net
  • To go Vogue Doll Co.'s Official Site: http://www.voguedolls.com/ - To Visit Vogue Doll Co. Web Site to read about Ginny and Just Me Dolls. Use back key to return here.
  • To go to Amazon.com for books on dolls and collecting:>For Doll Collecting Books
  • This home page was last updated on -7/12/2013


    +If order is not on layaway and comes from http://www.dkkdolls.com/store of this site or http://www.donnaskorner.com and totals $225.00 or more, use Coupon code DKK5 for a 5 percent discount from printed price at these 2 sites; there may be other coupons and discounts listed at each site. Both sites may have other specials. Discount does not apply to Ebay auctions, Orange Circle Antique Mall purchases, layaway, or special deals. If needed send email: (if clicking does not work send email to address here; do not use this for non-site purchase-related requests or spam and solicitations) :> dkkdolls@aol.com

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