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SOME MEMBERS OF MY OWN DOLL FAMILY - This page is best viewed in Thousands or Millions of Colors - Pictures may ususally be downloaded by clicking or double clicking on individual picture and selecting whether to copy or download, then targeting the folder or directory on your hard disk. These dolls are not for sale.

1. Gotz Sasha Serie dolls from mid 1960s. Blonde on left is dressed in Early English dress; brunette on right wears her original dress with added red ribbon and socks. The shoes are from 1990s Gotz Sashas, but like original shoes.

2. 1950's straight leg walker Vogue Ginny in original formal. This gorgeous doll is in mint condition and completely original.

3. 1952 brother-sister Strung Vogue Ginnys. Boy is completely original & mint. Girl wears a different hat.

4. Composition Ginnys from the 1940s. The doll on the left is earlier with straighter arms. Her dress may be from the late 1940s, but the doll is from the early 1940s. Doll on the right is Mistress Mary from the late 1940s. Her right arm is bent more sharply than the left doll. She is completely original.

5. 1952 Poodle cut Strung Ginny with pinkish wig wearing the 1953 rainbow ballerina outfit. This outfit goes great with her pinkish caracul wig, which is original.

6. 1954 All Original Painted Lash, Straight Leg Vogue Ginny Walkers in outfits that are all original.

 7. 1950s Nancy Ann Storybook 8" Muffie wearing original roller skating outfit. This doll is a hard plastic walker.

8. 1954 Vogue Ginny mint-in-box condition and all original, painted lash walker.

9. Nancy Ann Storybook 1940s All Original mint-in box Mary Had a Little Lamb all-bisque doll with frozen legs and head. This doll looks like new.

10. Madame Alexander Maggie Mixup Dolls from late 1950s or early 1960s. Both have original dresses. The 17" all-hard plastic doll uses same body and face as one of Elise hard plastics, but has green eyes and freckles. The 8" Maggie's hat is added. Otherwise they are all-original.

11. Annette Himstedt Himstedt's 3rd series doll Adrienne of France on rocking horse with Sylvia Natterer 9" Nathalie doll which is hers. Both dolls are all original.

12. Annette Himstedt's Liliane with tenor recorder and 12" Irene by Helen Kish. Both dolls are all original. The colorful pastel ribbons were added to Liliane's costume.

13. On the left is the first Himstedt club doll Morgana of Italy. The large doll on the right is Freeke of the Netherlands, the second club doll, and she is holding her smaller doll, Bibi. Morgana is all original, except the basket holding her flowers is added (it was made by my late grandfather, Wilfred Bernard Lynch, Sr.). Freeke and Bibi are all original, except the colorful pastel ribbons are added.

14. Annette Himstedt's Baby Annchen on the left is from Germany, and she is redressed, though her hair ribbon is original. On the right is the third Himstedt Doll Club doll, Baby Lieschen with Tiny Lieschen, her little doll. These dolls are all original except Lieschen's jacket, cap, booties, and mittens are added.

15. Here is Heidi Pluszcock of Germany's Marieke from 1999. This doll is completely original and came with the dotted dalmation beanie. Both closeup and full body pictures are below.





This is a Ginny Logo from the 1950s as was on the Ginny Trousseau Tree in 1956. I do not have one of these to sell or even in my own collection. This is a scan of one that I sold many years ago. I have put this here for your enjoyment.

12. Here ia a scan from a set of Ginny notecards that I sold over 10 years ago. The picture above shows Ginny and Sparky as they were in the 1950's on notecards that were boxed in a set of 5 with a pencil.

13. 1st Vintage Mold Vogue Gill Doll - Prom Dreams, UFDC Convention LuncheonHere is the 1st vintage mold Vogue Jill Doll from the 2011 Vogue Luncheon at the United Federation of Doll Clubs Convention in Anaheim. She is Prom Dreams Jill, made in a limited edition of 100 and only available through the UFDC. Here is a photo of the matching Vintage Reproduction Prom Dreams sister doll in a limited edition of 100 and available only there or through Vogue Doll Co., a few dealers, and any member wishing to sell on the secondary market. Prom Dreams Sister Vintage Repro UFDC Ginny Doll, 2011Vogue Prom Dreams Sister, UFDC 2011 doll in box.

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