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Lynch, Bowden (Also earlier was Bowdoin, Baudoin--a French Huguenot name), Hickman, Thompson, Faulkner Family Information and Photographs

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This page is dedicated to photographs and information on the family of my mother, Gladys Lynch Dondes Armstrong through her parents, Wilfred Bernard Lynch, Sr. and Annie Elizabeth Bowden Lynch (Bowden was originally Bowdoin and Baudoin before that). Click the blue underlined words to view picture. The pictures are this way to avoid long loading times and crashing machines with limited memory. Pictures can be uploaded by going to ftp if you are familiar with the procedure, or you can email Donna to get a picture as an attachment via email, but do state your relationship and full email address. All photographs are in jpg format which is compatible with both Apple Macintoshes and PCs.

Much of the following information comes from the notes and writings of my mother, Gladys Buena Lynch Dondes Armstrong with the persons noted supplying the other information. Since she is not alive to help us, and much of the older generation has passed away, it is up to younger survivors to try to sort through all of the material, so corrections are greatly appreciated. A book that is helpful in gathering much of the information is History of Jasper County, Georgia, Compiled and Sponsored by the Jasper County, Historical Foundation, 1st ed., 1984. For information and to check into possibly obtaining this book, contact The Jasper County Historical Foundation, Inc., Monticello, GA 31064. My mother's and other writings in this book are enormously helpful. With so many descendants of my great-great-great-great grandfather, William Lynch, Sr., and the large numbers of children born to his descendants, there's no telling how many folks named Lynch, Linch, or married into families connected to them are related to me.















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