DONNA'S KORNER KOLLECTIBLES INFORMATION, SHIPPING RATES, AND ORDER INFORMATION EFFECTIVE THROUGH December 30, 2008 for mailed orders only. Unfortunately spammers have abused this form to the extent that it had to be removed. If you wish to order an item that is not yet listed at the secure ecommerce site at http://www.dkkdolls.com/store, please  click here to  contact me for more information on items you wish to order or to check for availability,  with your name, address,  phone number, and email address , and if  ordering your preferred payment method.

Customers who live in Orange County, California can visit the shop inside Orange Circle Antique Mall at Space 92 Downstairs and one upstairs lower left corner case in a hallway area directly above the downstairs site, 118 S. Glassell St., Orange, CA. 92866. A fairly large sample of our items are located there, though much more is at the website. This location is approximate 1/2 block South of the town circle and Chapman Avenue in Old Town. Our space is near the drink and snack machines, but you will know it by all of the dolls. Anything ordered through site at: http://www.dkkdolls.com/store or http://www.donnaskorner.com will automatically be put on hold until we return unless it sells through the physical shop. The http://www.dkkdolls.com/home.html link does not have the capability to withdraw things from inventory though it gives the most complete list possible of what we had up through December 31, 2008, and still exists mainly to help me add items to the secure site.

Open for business: http://www.dkkdolls.com/store/ - To Donna's Korner Kollectibles Store Secure Ecommerce Site which is open, easy to navigate, secure, easy to place secure orders, and loaded with photographs and pictures of inventory; it has replaced these lists. It has over 1,500 items.

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NOTICE: Approximately 1,500+ of the items in our inventory are also listed in our CollectorOnline.com/Tias.com Online Mall Showcase and can be found by entering the inventory number or name of item into Search box there and filling out the order form via the shopping cart; this way it will be put on hold:>http://www.donnaskorner.com - To go to my Collectors Shop or return there.

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To send email about order or to order/Click here to send Email or to order: To order from list or request information on an item, require name, address, email address, and phone number.

Send Checks and Money Orders to:

Donna's Korner Kollectibles

c/o Dr. Donna Krug

2689 N. Galley St.

Orange, CA 92865

Phone 714-974-3779


Use Coupon Code DKK5 for 5 percent discount off of list price if order totals $225.00 or more; and Coupon Code DKK6 for an additional 5 percent discount off of list price if order totals $500.00 or more.

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ORDER INFORMATION - Last updated on 01/24/2008

Dear Collector,

Thanks for your business if you are an old customer. Welcome new customers. If you live nearby, some dolls are displayed at my shop downstairs at Orange Circle A.M., 118 S. Glassell St., No. 92, Orange, CA. 92866. My sales area is now larger and in the corner beside my former sales area. I can take merchandise or arrange meetings there. It has a front on a passageway that goes beside the snack machines. Hours are Mon. 10 am-5 pm, Tues-Fri. 10 am-6 pm, Sat. 10 am-5 pm, Sun. 11 am-5 pm. Orange Circle Antique Mall is approximately 1/2 block South of Chapman Ave. and the town circle, on the West side of the road.

Phone calls hold dolls 7 days. Terms are money orders, checks, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, VISA credit cards, Pay Pal, or Google online checkout systems. You can use your card by mail or phone. We do not recommend email transmissions of sensitive information from this form though orders may safely come from http://www.dkkdolls.com/store.

There's a $25.00 charge if a check is bad. Dolls are shipped after personal checks clear, & within 3 business days for other orders. Lately I have learned that it may take up to 2 weeks or more for some checks from the East Coast to clear on the West Coast. I have tried to note flaws. There's a 5 day return privilege; you pay postage both ways. On credit cards, there is no cash refund, but you may get credit on exchanges. You must also notify me of any missing items within 5 days and return them so they arrive here within 14 days (it takes 7 days for a package to travel from the East Coast via UPS or FedEx Ground and Parcel Post can take 2 weeks or longer). Merchandise must be returned in exact condition sent. There's a deduction for damages or smoke odor. There's a 10% restocking charge for unauthorized returns & for all charged MIB merchandise which is returned. Do not cram MIB outfits in envelopes, or remove parts from merchandise. I prefer not to take back MIB merchandise unless flaws slipped past my inspection. If you are unsure until you see items, please pay by check or money order to avoid the restocking fee. Please give me a call telling me purchase is coming back. Also, let me know if item is damaged in shipping asap, as it is always insured. Layaway deposits are - 1/3 down & the balance within 30 days for orders $100.00-$149.99; 60 days for orders $150.00-$299.99; 90 days for $300.00 or more; 120 days for $500.00 or more. Balance must be paid in full within 30, 60, 90, or 120 days or 1/3 deposit is forfeited. Layaways that go past term are charged interest at 1% per month based on balance, and there is always the risk of forfeiture. There is no return privilege with layaway. Layaways should total at least $75.00. Layaway has to be arranged through me directly and cannot use a credit card, but Pay Pal, checks, and money orders will work. If layaway is held very long and shipping goes up, the so will your rates.

Color photos are $3.00+ SASE. Where possible, I send color copies of catalog pages of dolls for $2.00 ea. for letter size, $3.00 for legal size + LSASE from you (a stamp per each 5 pages (4 if long), or add postage amt). Black & white pictures are $.10 ea. + postage. Of course, I attempt to scan pictures when possible for people on line and transmit pictures free by email if you are seriously interested in buying or post them at this website.

Calif. residents, add 8.750% sales tax. Dealers send resale No. & business name for resale. Please send sufficient postage with your order. It includes cost of materials & transportation to shipping office. Credit card companies charge a percentage on S&H & sales tax, too. Unless otherwise stated beside item, packing , insurance, & UPS /USPS charges are listed on the chart below (except very small items ordered alone). Some bulky items have special rates. After first pound, which is sometimes less, priority mail is approximately 25%-30% more. with insurance. A telephone number and street address are required for FedEx Ground, and it is limited to the mainland U.S.A.

General Shipping Rates (Subtract $.50 from ground FedEx or UPS in CA, NV, UT, & AZ; Subtract $1.00 from ground UPS or Ground FedEx rates in California counties of Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernandino, Riverside, and San Diego). U. S. Postal Service and Priority Mail are the same for everyone. Some small or very large items have special rates beside them, Ebay and tias.com items also have listed U.S.A. shipping rates. Because of the substantial postal rate increase on May 14, 2007, insured Parcel Post is being offered for those without phone numbers or street addresses, though it can take 2-3 weeks. All credit card orders go through http://www.donnaskorner.com, so the rate charts there have priority and are match these to the extent possible, though they also have Express Mail rates.

I send most order by Ground FedEx (goes this way whenver possible) or to a lesser extent by Ground UPS, unless a buyer states and pays for other insured prioirty mail or preferences. These services require a street address and do not deliver to a P.O. box. I use Insured Priority Mail when it is practical to do so, especially to the East Coast, but if insufficient postage is collected, items will go by insured Parcel Post, Ground Federal Express, or UPS, and sometimes insured first class for very light and small items weighing 13 ounces or less. U.P.S. currently has a surcharge because of high gas prices. If there is no street address, items have to go by insured Priority Mail or insured Parcel Post. International Orders are usually sent by Express Mail or Airmail Parcel Post, and rates are calculated by weight and value per the estimates at http://www.usps.com/. Express Mail begins at $19.00 for 1/2 to 1 lbs, and goes up from that. Ground FedEx and Ground UPS take up to a week within the United States, but delivery is guaranteed and items can be easily tracked. Priority Mail takes 2-3 days, though it can be longer and is not guaranteed. First Class Mail for small items (13 ounces or less) is supposed to take 3-5 days, but it can be a week or slightly longer. From my experience, insured Parcel Post takes up to two weeks or longer to get to its destination within the United States though it is supposed to be faster than that. UPS is usually more expensive than Ground FedEx, which I mostly use. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, off mainland military posts, post office boxes without a street address use insured U.S. Mail.

Value Before Discounts

Ground FedEx; Ground UPS; Standard - need street address, phone; use most economical means - faster than Parcel Post

Insured Parcel Post, Insured 1st Class, or Media mail

Insured U. S. Mail, usually Priority - Email for Other Svcs.

$25.00 and Under, Small

$7.50 most ($9.50 if large)

$7.50; $10.50 if heavy or large

7.50; $10.50 if heavy or large


$8.50 most ($10.00 if large)

$8.50 most ($13.00 if large)

$9.75; $14.00 if heavy or large


$9.50; $12.00 if heavy or large

$11.00 - $14.00 if heavy or large

$11.75; $15.00 if heavy or large


$10.50 (13.00 if heavy or large)

$12.00; $15.00 if heavy or large

$14.50 - $17.00 if heavy or large


$11.00 (13.50 if heavy or large)

$14.50 - $17.50 if heavy or large

$17.00 - $20.00 if heavy or large


$12.50 (15.00 if heavy or large)

$16.50 - $20.00 if heavy or large

$20.00 - $22.50 if heavy or large


$13.50 (16.00 if heavy or large)

$18.50 - 22.50 if heavy or large

$22.50 - 25.00 if heavy or large


15.00 (18.00 if heavy or large)

$20.50 - 25.00 if heavy or large

$25.00 - 27.50 if heavy or large


$16.50 (19.50 if heavy or large)

$25.00 - 28.00 if heavy or large

$30.00 - 33.00 if heavy or large


$19.00 ($21.00 if heavy or large)

$29.00 - $32.00 if heavy or large

$35.00 - $40.00 if heavy or large


$22.50($25.00 if heavy or large)

$33.00 - $35.00 if heavy or large

$40.00 - $45.00 if heavy or large

Each Additional $100.00




Oversize Pkgs (minimum)





Canada , add an additional $8.00 to base Priority Mail rate for least expensive method (probably UPS or FedEx Ground, but mainly weigh and do these on an individual basis); other international is based on my actual estimated cost after consulting with post office, but a good estimate is to add $25.00 to base Priority Mail rate (will use Global Express Mail or the slightly less expensive insured Air Parcel Post, as these are fast and the most practical, and can be insured--Surface Parcel Post is much slower but less expensive-takes 4 to 6 weeks). Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories use Priority Mail Rate, or last rate. It costs approximately $20.00 to send one beanie to Europe by insured International Priority Mail and $30.00 to send it by Express Mail, with rates going up from there. Rates can be estimated using the international rate calculator at http://www.ups.com/ The best rates to Canada appear to currently be by UPS or International Priority Mail.

Discounted shipping price for noncredit card, non layaway orders of single small light items as unpackaged clothes, $50.00 or less, & 13 ounces or less) may go by U.S. mail for $5.50 regardless of where sent within U.S. (call to be sure). Also, noncredit card orders for single 8" or other small boxed outfits, one 8" doll as Ginny or Mme. Alexander valued $50.00 or less may possibly go first class priority mail for $6.50, if valued $50.01-$100.00 for $7.50 for one such doll or one 10" Alexander doll in slender box. I always insure. In cases where it is most practical as small shipments, dolls to East Coast sometimes go Insured U.S. Mail.



If paying by Credit Card, it is highly recommended that orders be called to 714-974-3779 (ask for Donna), faxed to 714-974-0375 (only owners see faxes), be sent through secure Pay Pal server to dkkdolls@aol.com, or if ordering items listed on tias.com, be sent through their shopping cart and secure server system.

EMAIL IF PAYING BY PAY PAL; because of the secure server, Pay Pal is highly recommended for international orders & credit card sales - goes to dkkdolls@aol.com


Click on mailbox to ask questins via email>email the above information to dkkdolls@aol.com or mail orders to Donna's Korner Kollectibles, c/o Donna Krug, 2689 N. Galley St., Orange, CA 92865, or phone 714-974-3779. 

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ToOrder.html - To Place and Order and Look Up Shipping Rate and Order Information - click here to  contact me for more information on items you wish to order or to check for availability,  with your name, address,  phone number, and email address , and if  ordering your preferred payment method.

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